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2011 - 2013

Erasmus University Rotterdam (in English)

MSc: Research Master Sociology of Culture, Media and the Arts (GPA: 8,2/10)


Thesis, July 2013:

Symbolic violence in the field of tattooing: taste cultures in body modification 

Grade: 8/10











Theory (5 ECTS): Sociology of Media and the Arts; Cultural Sociology; Art, Public & Perception; Popular Culture; Art Markets: Theory & Practice; Individualization and Contemporary Culture; Cultural Policy; Media and Socio-Cultural Change; Participating Audiences; Television in Society

Methods (5 ECTS): Research Design; Advanced Quantitative Methods; Advanced Qualitative Methods; Academic Literature Review; Research Workshop: Creative Industries

Miscellaneous: Research Master Seminar (5 ECTS); Research Master Traineeship (15 ECTS, cf. work & publications)


2011 - 2013

University of Amsterdam (in English and Dutch)

Msc: Sociology (GPA: 8,0/10)

Cum Laude  (with distinction)


Thesis, June 2013:

To be Gereformeerd in word and deed: a case study on the schism between the Gereformeerde Kerken vrijgemaakt and the Nederlands Gereformeerde Kerken in the late 1960s

Grade: 8/10






Theory (10 ECTS): Sociology of Religion; Capita Selecta; Consumption, Culture & Commerce

Methods (5 ECTS): Doing Ethnography; Social Networks




Universität Potsdam (in German)

Internationale Sommerakademie "Sans Souci"


German language course embedded in historical and cultural courses.









Theory: Die Brüder Grimm und ihre Märchen (2 ECTS, the brothers Grimm and their fairy tales); Berlin der 20er Jahre (2 ECTS, Berlin in the 1920s); Erinnerungsorte (3 ECTS, Places of memory and commemoration)

Language (2 ECTS): Deutsch als Fremdsprache inkl. Praktische Phonetik, CEFR Niveau B (German as a foreign language incl. practical phonetics CEFR level B)



University of Amsterdam (in Dutch)

BSc: Sociology (GPA: 7,3/10)


Thesis (in Dutch), June 2010:

een micro-etnografisch onderzoek naar een blanke mannenkapper in Bos en Lommer

Grade: 9/10


Specialization courses: Sociology of Culture & Urban Sociology

Minor: Living Religions and their Traditions




Theory (5ECTS): Sociological Theory 1A; Sociological Theory 1B; Sociological Theory 2A; Sociological Theory 2B

Theory (10ECTS): Anthropology for Sociologists; Sociological Empirical Themes; Social Institutions and Organizations; Sociology and Policy; Culture Sociology: Themes and Theories; Introduction to Urban Sociology; Social Theories of Sexuality; Christianity; Islam; Western Esoteric (Hermetic I)

Methods (5 ECTS): Basic Research Skills, Interviewing and Observing; Philosophy of Science; Quantitative Data Analysis 1; Quantitative Data Analysis 2; Qualitative Data Analysis

Methods (10 ECTS): Research Methodology; Orientation on Religion: Research

Miscellaneous: Bachelor's Traineeship (10 ECTS, cf. work)